We've been thinking about what Plantin' Seeds means to us (beyond the obvious, which is the food). Well, here are some of the things we've done with new friends made through farmer dinners: gone mushroom hunting; swapped cheese for beef, honey, and vegetables; been given fencing; passed on treasured baby sized hand-me-downs from our now 18 yr old twins; and traded advice on all manner of farm-related issues. It's all about connections, and deepening our relationships with like-minded people. For all of that and more, we are deeply grateful.
Adair and Tonio | Lost Ruby Farm





Plantin' Seeds invites dialogue. We do this by convening members of our community to share in an experience, often over a meal.

  • At our Farmer's Dinner, for example, where our local farmers, THE 'ambassadors of the soil', come for the opportunity to engage in conversation with other farmers: The venue honors that dialogue. 
  • Whenever one enters the dining room of the plantin seeds farm kitchen at 99 Main, guests are invited in dialogue. As it happens, that may involve one-on-one conversations with strangers at our communal table, or dialogue among tables.
  • Taste Education Dinners and varied Workshops start with the specific - a themed meal concept or a lesson in pickling, mushroom log inoculation, cooking with your local csa share… and develop into conversations with strangers, raising awareness of the intersections we share… far beyond the initial event's topic. 
  • Seasonal Equinox and Solstice Farm Walks draw souls intrigued by the mysteries of land. Following a quiet walk through fields, and woodlands, along the Housatonic River and nearby gardens, the campfire beckons, offering a light supper and shared story. 



"Loving the silent walk, wandering through the path. Robin's quiet presence, yet passionate, being together by the fire. Your land is poetry. Gratitude."

"Thank you for sharing your farm. What you are doing and what you have accomplished is inspiring. I hope this encourages others to care for the land responsibly."

"Beautiful Garden! So happy to see lots of native plants. Seems that there is not much appreciation for native plants in gardens and landscaping in NW CT. I see lots of non-native plants in gardens open for tours."

"Learned so much about the land and how we can cherish it. The young man (Tobi) who taught us about mushrooms was great."


"It was fabulous.I am looking forward to similar events. Robin [Zitter's] commentary was especially illuminating. The fare was extraordinary."

"... I will love pine cones all the more now, think of the 365 day beautiful and functional blueberry field when planning my garden and landscaping, be aware of dark vs light bark on trees, and so much more!"

"Loved the walk, and the talk, and the light, and of course the delicious food. A perfect equinox walk and thank you all for making me notice that it was indeed the equinox! ... Native dogwood is beneficial to 500+ insects and other critters ... got that. What was the other tree that is kind of a super ecological incubator?"